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  • Mortgage Broker VS Bank

    The main difference is a bank mortgage officer represents only the products their institution offers, while a mortgage broker is an intermediary who works with multiple lenders and is paid a referral fee by the lenders. Mortgage brokers are regulated[...]

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    Fixed or Variable-Rate Mortgage

    A fixed rate loan has the same interest rate for the entirety of the borrowing period, while variable rate loans have an interest rate that changes over time. Borrowers who prefer predictable payments generally prefer fixed rate loans, which won't [...]

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    What is the Qualifying Rate?

    In 2010, the Department of Finance introduced the Qualifying Rate as a new way to assess borrower eligibility and ensure borrowers can handle their payments should rates begin to rise. Your lender will use the qualifying rate to calculate your debt [...]

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    Tips to help you buy your first home

    Tips for First-Time Home Buyers Start saving for a down payment early. Explore your down payment and mortgage options. Research state and local assistance programs. Determine how much home you can afford. Check your credit and pause any new [...]

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    Unussually low rates

    People attending open houses this weekend have a lot to smile about, and not because of marble countertops or bay windows. Mortgage rates remain at their lowest levels for mid-January since 2013, according to the weekly survey from mortgage giant [...]

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